Truly Safe On-Road Computing with Apple CarPlay

Messing with your iPhone on the road is a stupid idea. It’s also very illegal and for good reasons. This is why we’ve all learned to tolerate barebones cradles and hookups to get a more or less hands-free experience with our tablets and phones. Boy do those suck.

Apple’s CarPlay looks to redefine the way hands-free mobile is done in vehicles, and is sure to be a hot feature in modern models.

Look, No Hands!

Siri has made hands-free interfacing with iOS systems much more feasible since her introduction, and has gotten better with every update. Now she can control your maps, GPS and other iOS features while you drive, so you don’t need to look away from the road. Along with the on-wheel push-button controls, you never need to relinquish focus or control of your car again.

But, Spotify!

Don’t do without your favorite apps – get your GPS, maps, and your digital radio apps readily on your CarPlay systems. If it’s road-safe, CarPlay is fine with it.

At a Glance!

Ok, sometimes you need to see caller ID, the time, or GPS information. Thankfully, the high-definition dash display is easy to get a lot of information from at a quick glance, no distractions.

The roads of Fort Collins will be smarter and safer thanks to systems like this. To see a demonstration, visit us at Audi Fort Collins.

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