How can Side Tank Faults Cause Overheating?

The cooling system in your vehicle must tame the fierce heat produced by your motor as it does its job. A key part of this job involves making sure that the engine coolant flows smoothly and completely through the engine block, hoses, and radiator.

If the coolant is impeded in some way on this journey, engine temperatures can quickly rise past danger points. Coolant leaks are one such impediment to circuit completion, and one little-known part that is often the site of leaks is called the side tank.

There are two such tanks on most radiators, and their jobs are to hold and route coolant on its way to and from the radiator core. Side tanks are secured to the sides of radiators cores in a variety of ways, but over time they may develop leaks.

Side tanks leakages almost always require professional attention, and at our Fort Collins area service center, our certified cooling system experts can give your vehicle the attention that it deserves. To hear more about our services, swing by Audi Fort Collins today for a quick conversation.

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