Tire Cleaning and Why It Is Important to You

Have you checked the cleanliness of your tires recently? Do they appear grainy or brownish in color? Tire care is one of the most important car cleaning operations and is necessary for maintaining a healthy automobile. Here are some of the most critical steps to take in extending the life of your wheels.

When you wash your car, remember to never use car wash soap on your tires, as it can leave a film on the sidewall that is difficult to remove. An exception is when cleaner is purchased that is safe to use on both car paint and tires. Allow the soap for your tires to sit for a moment, then scrub the problem areas on the wheels thoroughly. To make them shine again, apply a clear coat around the walls and sides to protect the rubber from degrading from dirt and road grime.

Unfortunately, the fact remains that tires inevitably must be replaced at some point in your car's usage. If you would like to check on the health of your tires, or are interested in getting an upgrade, stop by our service center here at Audi Fort Collins in Fort Collins, CO at your earliest convenience. We would love to assist you in maintaining your tires!

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