We share a goal at Audi Fort Collins to help Fort Collins, CO drivers keep their vehicles in good condition on the inside and outside. If you have a dog, then follow these tips to help control pet hair in your car.

Be sure to keep your pup contained when you're on the go. A dog harness or crate will help keep your dog safe, and it will also keep the dog hair in one area. You can also buy a seat cover that will keep your seats clean and free of dirt, sand, and water.

Duct tape or packing tape can be a cheap and effective way to get your dog's hair out of the upholstery and cabin. Wrap the tape around your hand and press it on your seats and carpet to lift your dog's hair with ease. Rubber brushes that are found on certain vacuums are designed for collecting hair, so using a vacuum with bristled brush attachments can also help you keep the interior of your vehicle tidy.

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