With a car like the powerful Audi RS 3, you can get yourself out of problems on the road through either the braking system or through abundant acceleration properties. To harness those abilities, Audi engineers recognized the necessity of using an all-wheel-drive-system, whether driving in Fort Collins, CO or out on the highway.

Audi tweaked its all-wheel-drive Quattro system for the Audi RS 3 vehicle to accommodate the sporty nature of the car. With this system in place, the considerable torque generated by the motor is evenly distributed to the wheels during regular driving. On the racetrack, the Quattro system automatically delivers more power to the wheel with the best grip to deliver greater acceleration. During inclement weather, the Quattro system does the same thing when one wheel hits a puddle.

At Audi Fort Collins, we monitor the Quattro system during each service to maintain the highest performance anywhere on the road.

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