The Audi Q3 is back on the scene, and it's garnering plenty of attention in the automobile industry. This luxury-compact SUV has it all from stunning good-looks to an exceptional engine. Consumers can choose from three available trims, and the SUV will come in various exterior paints.

The new Audi Q3 has an exterior that speaks volumes. This SUV has been masterfully crafted from front to rear, and you won't find any flaws. Character has also been added in a subtle way. The new Audi Q3 has soft contours along its body and on its hood. The hood gently cascades down into the SUV's phenomenal front fascia. Consumers will love the vehicle's signature LEDs, and the front LEDs are equipped with Daytime Running lamps. There is also a small wing that protrudes outward at the rear to better balance the overall look.

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