There are some vehicles that have it and some that do not. Pet-friendly features are all the rage when it comes to the vehicles of today. What are some of these features? Well, they would start with secure strap-ins on the backseats to get a pet harnessed in.

Vents are an important part of keeping your pet comfortable while out and about on a road trip. You need the pet to not get overheated while he or she is in your vehicle of course, and that means having plenty of vents to circulate the air that they need. Pets really appreciate this, and it makes them happy that you are taking care of them in this way.

Finally, make sure the interior is pet-proof. This means that it is easy to clean if they have accidents in the vehicle or if they bring mud and dirt into the vehicle. It happens a lot, and it is always better to clean it up on an easier to clean surface.

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