Odors in our vehicles can distract us while we drive, or they can make us feel awkward when guests ride with us. As automotive experts, we at Audi Fort Collins can happily help you deal with any odors you might encounter inside your vehicle.

First, we've learned from evaluating trade-in vehicles brought to us in Fort Collins, CO that dirty interiors carry more odors. Obviously, eliminating odors begins with eliminating garbage, dirt and anything else cluttering your vehicle. Empty your trash. Clear the floorboards. Deploy a carpet shampoo and vacuum your vehicle. For stubborn odors, use a high-quality odor neutralizer.

You can keep out new odors by treating your car like a rolling palace. Try not to eat in it. If you must grab a bite, promptly remove the meal's trash the next time you stop. Also, keep an odor-controlling substance under your front seats. Baking soda in a mess-free container does a wonderful job.

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