Our new online scheduling system is a quick and easy way to set up a service appointment 24/7 from anywhere. If this is your first time using our new system click on the "I'm new here" button. Select your vehicle's make and year from the drop-down lists, then click "Get started".

1. Vehicle
  • Choose your model using the pictures displayed.
  • Enter the actual mileage of the car (This is not required, but helps our system determine scheduled maintenance needs).

2. Services & Repair
  • You will now have to choose your service needs.
            "Services" tab lists scheduled maintenance options for your vehicle.
            "Repairs" tab lists vehicle concerns (i.e. "check engine light" or "squeaks & rattles")*.
  • Click on the "Add To Cart" button.
  • Once you have added all of the items you would like addressed during your service visit click the "Next" button.
*When you choose any item under the "Repairs" tab you will be prompted to add a comment describing your vehicle issue.

3. Appointment
  • If you have a preferred Advisor click on the "Advisor" box in the top left corner, and click on your preferred advisor.
  • If you do not have a preferred advisor leave the box at "Any Advisor".
  • Under "Transportation Options" choose whether you wish to drop off your vehicle, have a shuttle take you home, or wait in our waiting room.**

  • Find the date you wish to schedule your service, and click on the time you wish to schedule your service (you may need to scroll down to see times later in the day).

  • The "Suggested Appointment" box is the next available appointment.

  • The blue boxes are available time slots, and the gray boxes are already booked and unavailable.

  • Click "Next" once you have picked a Service Advisor, date, time and transportation option.

    **If you would like to wait for your vehicle to be serviced, we provide complimentary Wifi to all of our customers.

4. Review & Book
  • You will be able to review all of the information you have input so far. You can click on the"Edit" button if any of the information is incorrect.

  • You will need to enter your contact information to book the appointment.

  • You can also click the "Email" or "Text Message" button if you wish to get reminders and updates about your service.

  • If you have any further comments or questions please enter them in the "Comments or Questions" box.

  • Check the "Please contact me regarding this appointment" box if you wish to have the Service Advisor contact you to further discuss your appointment.

  • Click the "Book it" box.

  • You will now see your appointment confirmation as well as a map to Ed Carroll Motor Co.

  • You will also see a "Register" button in the bottom right. If you register you can view your service appointments and your vehicle's service timeline. Registering also makes it easier to change or cancel an appointment.***

    ***Registering for and using our online service scheduling system is complimentary.

5. Adding the eSchedule icon to your smartphone homescreen.
  • Android - Launch Chrome and open the Ed Carroll Motor Company eScheduling page: //consumer.xtime.com/scheduling/?webkey=vw20120702001039420112&skipRedirect=true&WMODE=true

  • Tap the "menu" button and then tap "Add to homescreen".

  • If you do not see the"Add to homescreen" option when you tap "menu", you will have to tap "Open in Chrome" and then "menu" again.

  • If you wish, you may choose a name other than "eScheduling". You will be able to do that now.

  • Tap "add" and the icon will appear on your homescreen. The icon will act like any other app so you may drag it to any location on your homescreen.

  • iPhone - Open Safari and open the Ed Carroll Motor Company eScheduling page: //consumer.xtime.com/scheduling/?webkey=vw20120702001039420112&skipRedirect=true&WMODE=true

  • Tap the "share" button at the bottom center of the screen (The share button is shaped like a square with an arrow coming out of the top).

  • A menu will appear providing several options, tap the box labeled "Add to homescreen.

  • A screen will appear where you may choose a name other than "eScheduling" if you wish.

  • Tap" add" in the top right corner and the icon will appear on your homescreen. The icon will act like any other app, so you can drag it to any location on your homescreen.